Introduction to Cryptocurrency & Blockchain

When: Wed, Sept 20, 8:00pm – 9:30pm, 2017 Where: FutureLab, E-01-B3, Empire Damansara, Damansara Perdana, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia Admission: MYR 25 Sold Out Info: Event | Attend | Venue Join the founders of CoinGecko for a 360 degree overview of the various cyptocurrencies in the market, background of bitcoin, motivation behind its creation, the mechanism behind it using blockchain, how its success has inspired the creation of other cryptocurrencies and other use cases of blockchain. [Sample cryptocurencies: Aurora - Created by Icelanders for Icelanders, given free to all Icelanders as an alternative to bitcoin and the króna. Still being studied by regulators. Litecoin - Fast transaction times compared to Bitcoin;...

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Coffe at Quartet KL

Ewallet Evolution

Usage Cashless payments (ewallets) seem to have gone off the boil a bit. The forums are filled with support questions as compared to feature discussions and product suggestions earlier. Common gripes: Multi-step UX compared to cash or cards Reluctant cashiers, no internet connection Server downtime, top-up issues Add to these is usage which has been driven by discounts (cashbacks), gaming (shaking the phone etc) and elite incentives (optimal FX rates). Abandonment At this rate, ewallets risk going the way of ebikes (mobike, ofobike) in the sense the solution is ahead of its time. One way forward is to get...

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Semiconductor Conference

SEMICON Southeast Asia 2019  is an exposition for the electronics industry. SEMICON is an event of SEMI, the global industry association serving the manufacturing supply chains for the microelectronic, display and photovoltaic industries. Exhibitors include TokyoElectron, Elliance, Chroma, MARii, AlliedVision, Atomic, AgrHub and SodaVision. Hardware startups could be eligible for a free kiosk, apply here. Topics sample Autonomous Mobile Robots - Sesto Industry 4.0 Open Platform - Vitrox Flatveyor and Cableveyor - Tsubakimoto Smartphone of The Future - TechSearch Industrial IoT: Ready for AI - Intel IoT Boon or Bane - PwC AI Wars: Return of Hardware - McKinsey Escaping Pilot Purgatory - McKinsey Virtualizing the Substation - TNB IoT for Water Utiltiies - Maynilad...

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Water Challenge

Preamble KL had a brief, scheduled water supply hiatus a few days ago (Apr 24-27, 2019) due to water infra works. 1 Since stoppage at the source lasted only a day, residences with water tanks may not have experienced any interruption to their water supply. Yet, many would have stored up water in anticipation of taps running dry. 2 If you have stocked up on water, and don't need it consequently, don't pour it away. Instead try to live with that water reserve and see how long it will last, and how you would cope without running water. Water Challenge Last year...

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Security Token | DLT Accelerator

Bumper slate of events to mark the end of April 2019. The post title refers to two topics in a DLT/STO event happening in Taipei. DLT101 Distributed Ledger tix 24 Apr 2019 @ Taipei Real World Examples of DLT - HTC Amazon Managed Blockchain - AWS Security Tokens 101 - STN post image DLT Accelerator - BoostX Separating Hype from Reality - R3 CoCoon Pitch Finals Spring 2019 tix 25 Apr 2019 @ HongKong LambdaSense - Gait analysis (identification, fall/incident prediction etc) Recruiter - Job portal for recruiters (instead of candidates) Boxs - Shopfiy/WooCommerce challenger (WeChat commerce capable) TaleLabs - Computer coaching for public speaking (vocab, pace, fillers etc) Borecast - Tunnel boring maintenance...

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Metro Shenzhen Subway

Subway Blockchain

Metro Shenzhen Subway  Left: Suggested route from the Civic Center to the airport (distance: 33.7 km, travel time: 55 minutes, fare: CNY 8 (approx MYR 5 | USD 1.2), requires 2 changes of trains). Middle: station information showing where the two lines that connect to the Grand Theater station lead to, includes dining suggestions around the station. Right: built-in map shows places around the Grand Theater station. The Curious Case of a Subway Blockchain Shenzhen Metro is reportedly issuing blockchain backed invoices for rides. An invoice in a more formal sense is a bill ie a request...

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Apple Meituan

Subsequent to our previous post on ewallets, there have been a number of developments at the ewallet front. These will be covered in a two parter; part one follows, part two in the next post. Apple Card App-based credit card with option for a physical card Sign-up in minutes via app and use immediately 1 Big tech's first foray into neo banking, on Apple's upmarket chops Users may develop into an upper class, spending bloc Thus enticing merchants and others to sign-up Meituan mei=beautiful | tuan=mission Vending machines, mamak & petrol stations not compelling use cases 2 But food could be (with some marketing incentives) In China, Meituan (food delivery)...

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