Security vs Utility

There seems to a flurry of interest in STOs (security token offerings) lately. In this essay, we shall try to distinguish between security and utility tokens and fathom how STOs might be used. Game Arcade Analogy Game arcades offer a plethora of games including merry-go-round, basketball hoop shoot, pinball and electronic games. Payment for games is usually via tokens which can be purchased from a token counter. Why use tokens instead of coins? Centralised cash handling, security (not having 50 cash locations in an arcade of 50 games), ease of converting notes including foreign notes, ease in changing...

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Security Token | DLT Accelerator

Bumper slate of events to mark the end of April 2019. The post title refers to two topics in a DLT/STO event happening in Taipei. DLT101 Distributed Ledger tix 24 Apr 2019 @ Taipei Real World Examples of DLT - HTC Amazon Managed Blockchain - AWS Security Tokens 101 - STN post image DLT Accelerator - BoostX Separating Hype from Reality - R3 CoCoon Pitch Finals Spring 2019 tix 25 Apr 2019 @ HongKong LambdaSense - Gait analysis (identification, fall/incident prediction etc) Recruiter - Job portal for recruiters (instead of candidates) Boxs - Shopfiy/WooCommerce challenger (WeChat commerce capable) TaleLabs - Computer coaching for public speaking (vocab, pace, fillers etc) Borecast - Tunnel boring maintenance...

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