Plastic Apocalypse

A summary of an article titled Microplastics are raining down from the sky published by National Geographic on April 15th 2019: Microplastics are not only present in the oceans, they are now found in the atmosphere. Scientists have detected microplastics falling from the sky at a pristine, remote part of the Pyrenees Mountains. Two previous studies have found microplastics present in city air. The scientists do not know where these airborne microplastics come from. Scientists also do not know the health effects of airborne microplastics which can be inhaled or ingested. More ominous, microplastics could be breaking down into nanoplastics. Currently, there is no easy way to detect nanoplastics. Nanoplastics could be more nasty...

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Water Challenge

Preamble KL had a brief, scheduled water supply hiatus a few days ago (Apr 24-27, 2019) due to water infra works. 1 Since stoppage at the source lasted only a day, residences with water tanks may not have experienced any interruption to their water supply. Yet, many would have stored up water in anticipation of taps running dry. 2 If you have stocked up on water, and don't need it consequently, don't pour it away. Instead try to live with that water reserve and see how long it will last, and how you would cope without running water. Water Challenge Last year...

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