Security Token | DLT Accelerator

Bumper slate of events to mark the end of April 2019. The post title refers to two topics in a DLT/STO event happening in Taipei. DLT101 Distributed Ledger tix 24 Apr 2019 @ Taipei Real World Examples of DLT - HTC Amazon Managed Blockchain - AWS Security Tokens 101 - STN post image DLT Accelerator - BoostX Separating Hype from Reality - R3 CoCoon Pitch Finals Spring 2019 tix 25 Apr 2019 @ HongKong LambdaSense - Gait analysis (identification, fall/incident prediction etc) Recruiter - Job portal for recruiters (instead of candidates) Boxs - Shopfiy/WooCommerce challenger (WeChat commerce capable) TaleLabs - Computer coaching for public speaking (vocab, pace, fillers etc) Borecast - Tunnel boring maintenance...

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