One of the key challenges when requesting emergency assistance is communication.

When out in the streets, sometimes you are unsure of the exact location that you are in, which is then difficult for the rescue team to find you quickly.

When in scenario such as kidnap, where you could not speak or communicate your movement, you could not alert the rescue team of your movement for rescue operation.

When in distress, you could be too traumatized to speak or for individuals with hearing or speech impaired, it is a challenge to communicate calmly to the rescue team.

Hence, with MyDistress, you could alert the police department, Polis Diraja Malaysia of your emergency situation with just a click.


· This application is linked directly to Polis Diraja Malaysia Selangor Contingent.

· Coverage Area – Selangor only.

· MyDistress is a platform where rakyat could notify the Selangor police when assistance is required.

· “Personal Alert” is for outdoor use and it tracks your movement.

· “Preset Location Alert” is for indoor use especially in multi storey buildings.

· By hitting the “HELP” button within “Personal Alert” and “Preset Location Alert”, your request for assistance will alert the Selangor Polis and Polis Personnel will be sent to your location.

· ONLY use MyDistress on cases that are Polis issues.

· MyDistress DO NOT tracks your movement or location if NOT activated.

· Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

Brought to you by NKRA Polis Selangor.


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