People all around the world celebrates Environment Day on the 5th of June, encouraging the awareness on protecting our environment. This year, the theme is on “Biodiversity”, which is all about the foundation that supports all life on this planet, affecting every aspect of plants, animals, and human health as well.

Human actions, such as deforestation, our everyday lifestyles that’s slowly causing climate change has taken a huge toll on wildlife habitats, destroying biodiversity and in turn, affecting human health.

However, we see some good news despite the worldwide lockdown due to
COVID-19 pandemic, the world has became a little greener. That’s why we should continue the effort to make the world a better place! The team at @craftspacemy have came up with an environmental friendly face shield DIY that’s reusable and made from recycled products!

Learn how to make your own face shield with these step-by-step instructions, click here.