Apple Meituan

Subsequent to our previous post on ewallets, there have been a number of developments at the ewallet front. These will be covered in a two parter; part one follows, part two in the next post.

Apple Card

  • App-based credit card with option for a physical card
  • Sign-up in minutes via app and use immediately 1
  • Big tech's first foray into neo banking, on Apple's upmarket chops
  • Users may develop into an upper class, spending bloc
  • Thus enticing merchants and others to sign-up
Meituan mei=beautiful | tuan=mission
  • Vending machines, mamak & petrol stations not compelling use cases 2
  • But food could be (with some marketing incentives)
  • In China, Meituan (food delivery) has grown to take on WeChat and Alipay
  • How? Roast duck costs 80% less delivered compared to buying it yourself 3
  • Hawkers making quantum leap into ecommerce and on-demand supply
Canteens bonus topic: cashless school canteens
  • Teach the concepts of ledger, income & expense (vs habitual spending)
  • Wallet could be incorporated into a school badge etc, restricted to school
  • Welfare (eg. one square meal a day) can be channeled directly to a child
  • Monitor food trends (eg. are kids eating enough fruit & veg vs fried chicken)
  • Cash handling can still be taught during, say, year 5-6 , the rest go cashless
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